The Sun Chasing Travelers
"Sustainability is the most beautiful journey we have ever started." We caught up with Lea and Stefan from the Sun Chasing Travelers to chat about traveling and living with a sustainable mindset. Read more.
Kendall Baggerly Minivan Life

“With the way this year has unfolded, I think society as a whole has seen the value in slowing down – even if it was forced at times.” This month, we caught up with adventurous pair Kendall and Glenn as they take it slow on the road in Vance, their vintage minivan. Read more. 

Jarrod Briffa from Kinfolk Cafe

Creating a social and sustainable impact with something as small as having a coffee, is at the heart of non-profit cafe Kinfolk. We interviewed Jarrod Briffa about his journey in starting Kinfolk and how their transition has been during the pandemic. Read more. 

Father's Day with John
An optometrist, an entrepreneur, and for the first time ever - a father. Our co-founder John talks about what his journey has been like stepping into this new role. Read more
Mari & Clay's Moodboard
Colours are a great way to express our personal sense of style. See the Mari & Clay moodboard to discover our design inspirations and which colour suits your personal fashion taste. Read more. 
Why Do We Plant Trees?

Mari & Clay is a proud partner of global reforestation non profit One Tree Planted. Find out how this awesome organisation is helping the world and healing the Australian bush after the devastating 2019 bushfires, one tree at a time. Read more.

Eat Right for Your Sight
Two easy winter recipes for healthy eyes! As we are spending more time in front of screens, we often forget to look after the health of our eyes. You can find great nutritional tips for healthy eyes here.
Joel Pringle Low Carbon Designer
A designer sailing across the Whitsunday Islands on his vintage yacht. Joel Pringle challenges the conventional ways of making a living and dreams big in his office on the ocean. Read more
Kalina Silverman from Big Talk
We speak to Big Talk founder and TED-talk sensation Kalina Silverman to get a glimpse of her world, inspirations and tips on making meaningful connections. Read more
Drawn with Light Creative Duo
With whimsical flair and an unwavering focus on conscious brands, photography and branding agency, Drawn With Light is the love child of Meg and Rod. Read more